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MRG is what happens when people with longstanding experience in the car rental industry embrace and shape the technological advances. It is the fruit of the experience of highly motivated people who are evolving and taking the next step, with the aid of Internet technology.

The Internet has firmly entered our lives, thus making our living easier and serving our interests every step of the way. In this context, MRG expands its services to include the Internet, in order to assist its customers in finding, easily and cheaply, the right car for them, all with just a few clicks.

The car rental industry is colossal. There are large and small agencies serving their local area, but these are usually located far away from us; this makes market research more difficult.

With MRG, however, things are different. You can find, easily and cheaply, the right rental car for you. All around the world there are many agencies, the number of which is constantly growing. They are ready and waiting to serve you, through MRG's network.

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