Everything that you need to know about your booking



Car categories
The types of cars included in each category vary from country to country, and are shown by way of example according to their size and equipment.
Please confirm in each booking the category of car you would like to rent if available.

Driver's age & driving licence
The minimum age for renting a car is 21 for a simple passenger car and 27 for a luxury car.
The renter must have held a driving licence for at least 12 months.

Additional driver
All additional drivers must have their names registered at the commencement of the car rental, so that they’re covered under your hire agreement. The second additional driver is charged an additional fee.

Rental fees must always be paid at the commencement of the car rental, either in cash or via credit card. The driver will not be asked to pay more than the price agreed in the email confirmation providing that he/she does not wish to modify anything in the booking.

Conditions of warranty
In order to rent a car the driver must have a credit card, regardless of the fact that the rental fees may be paid in cash. The credit card will not be charged if this is not the renter's preferred method of payment. If the renter chooses full insurance FDW, then a credit card is not needed. This may vary from country to country.

Limited kilometers reservations that are less than 3 days

Additional equipment
Any additional equipment that the renter might need, such as snow chains, child seats, GPS, etc., are charged extra, and can be requested at any of the company's stations at the time of booking. Such items are to be paid for at the time of rental.

At the time of rental
The renter can choose the pick-up location, e.g. the airport, the hotel he is staying at, or any other station of MRG's agents.

If the renter wishes to pick up the car from a location other than a company station, an additional fee of EUR 15 is charged. Free of charge stations are always within city limits (destination), and are as follows: hotels, airports, ports, train stations, long distance bus stations-KTEL. The amount quoted may vary depending on distance in kilometres.

If the pick-up or return time is outside office hours, an extra charge of EUR 15 is required.


Types of insurance available

CDW (No-fault insurance)
Collision Damage Waiver covers damage to the car and the renter's liability is reduced to an extra amount depending on car category.

Insurance against all risks, or full insurance, covers damage to the car and relieves the renter from all financial responsibility. The renter will however be charged with an extra amount. For the FWD to be valid, the renter must inform our agent in a timely manner, within 24 hours of the occurrence of any damage. The renter must also present to our agent a document from the insurance company (friendly declaration) or the police incident report.

*Our company is not responsible should the vehicle be stolen and/or lost, or for the loss of personal belongings that were in the car or its boot and were stolen from a locked car. In this case a police report is required which you must present to our supplier.

Note:FP, CDW & FDW do not cover any damage caused whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance, or damage resulting from violation of the Highway Code or traffic rules.

Fuel costs
You must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel in the tank as when it was delivered.

Damage charges
The car must be returned to your particular MRG supplier in the same condition as it was rented in. The renter is responsible for any damage caused to the interior of the car such as dirty or burnt seats, damage to the radio and CD player, or loss thereof, and will be charged for it accordingly.

Modification or cancellation of booking
Bookings can be modified or cancelled right up until commencement of the rental. Full details can be found in the section ''Cancellation policy''