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Βy making a reservation you accept this agreement

Motion Rentals Group Car Rental Agreement Proposal

Please note that by making a reservation on our website you accept unreservedly this Agreement proposal and a car rental agreement is automatically entered between us, subject to the following terms.

“Motion Rentals Group” is a company with registered office in Ivan Mihaylov,Blagoevgrad Bulgaria (an entity of Greek ownership, operating in accordance with the laws of Bulgaria and the European Law). In its relations with third parties, the Company is subject to the civil and penal laws of Greece. The Company has been engaging for 20 years in the sector of tourism, mainly in Greece, both at summer resorts and in the mainland.

These terms and conditions, in conjunction with the website terms of rental, the data protection policy and the security policy, form altogether a car rental agreement Proposal, with You as Renter, i.e. as beneficiary of the services offered by us as rental brokers. The terms set out herein are those proposed by us. They shall apply to all agreements to be entered in relation to our services and shall prevail over any other terms and conditions. Nothing on our part may be construed as tacit acceptance of any other terms. Receipt of the services or signature of any agreement on your part shall provide sufficient and solid evidence of your acceptance of these terms, no counter-evidence being permitted. Any dispute or disagreement to arise from the agreement to be entered between us shall be referred to the civil Courts of Greece, in particular to the civil Courts of Giannitsa, and resolved under the Greek Law. The Company may amend these terms, in which case the amended terms shall take effect two days after you are notified by email or by text message at the mobile phone you have designated to us, whereby you will be encouraged to consult our website. Unless the new terms are denied by you within this two-day period, they will be considered as tacitly accepted. Therefore, you are advised to check our website regularly for any amendments to these terms which may apply to you, as well as your personal email and mobile phone device for any messages. The Company shall bear no liability whatsoever in case it is provably established that there has been an unforeseeable change of circumstances (Section 388 of the Greek Civil Code), i.e. in case of a major earthquake, war, natural disaster etc. If you are supplied a rental car, our Company acts as a car rental supplier. We procure our fleet from various local suppliers. The rental of any of our vehicles is governed by the terms and conditions of our local supplier and by the respective legislation of the country/state where the rental agreement is concluded. Individual restrictions may also apply in relation to rental vehicles.

These terms shall apply to any reservation to be made by you as Renter, either directly with us or through our website; therefore, you need to make sure that you are familiar with their contents. Both groups of terms (both our own and our supplier's) include certain exceptions and limitations of liability.

Your reservation through our website is conditional upon Renter's acceptance of our own terms. Unless you accept all terms, you should not proceed to a reservation. By confirming your reservation through our website you declare that you have read and accepted the relevant terms. If there is anything you don't fully understand or if you have any questions about the rental agreement or about any other product, please feel free to contact us at Ivan Mihaylov 1 / 3rd floor / Office 5 / pc 2700 or to email us at info@motion-rentals-group.com .

There may be situations where we are unable to know if our supplier offers a particular vehicle. This will be clearly stated either before or after you submit your request. In those situations, we mark the vehicle as "on request" and check with our local supplier. This means that, even if we are unable to confirm instantly that the requested vehicle is available, we will make all reasonable endeavours to secure it and we will inform you of the outcome of our efforts within 48 hours from your request. In all other situations, the requested vehicle is instantly available. Whenever you (the Renter) wish to make a reservation of a vehicle or any other product through our website at the price displayed next to it at that particular moment, you should know that your request is authorised within 48 hours from submission of your request (in any case no later than one (1) day before your arrival at the place where you will be delivered the product, if not sooner). You will originally receive our answer by email and you will subsequently receive a written confirmation of your request. Please note that you will not receive a car rental agreement indicating the particular price, until your reservation has been confirmed and the price has been fully paid. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Please note that the rental agreement is entered with the person who has made the reservation and exchanged all correspondence with us and will be sent to you at the designated address, even if a third party is paying for the rental fees. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these terms entitles any third parties to any benefits, as per the Contracts Act 1999 (Third-Party Rights).

You must present the relevant receipt (voucher) to our local supplier in order to take delivery of the vehicle. The Company may not be held liable if the rental is cancelled because the customer failed to present the payment receipt (voucher) to the local supplier.

The Company shall not accept any charges arising from a separate agreement entered between you and our local supplier.

The Company shall not be held responsible for any persons driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for any damage caused to third parties by intention or for any persons driving off-road without demonstrating proper diligence and care. You will be held exclusively responsible for any relevant claims or charges. The above list of actions is merely indicative.

What is included in the price?
The indicated prices apply for limited mileage for reservations under 3Days(save for particular vehicles * in Canada, Australia and certain luxury vehicles), and include Collision Damage Waiver (cf. CDW note below), Civil Liability Insurance (cf. note "ATTENTION" below), theft waiver, local taxes and airport charges.

Please read the particular terms and conditions
*In Canada unlimited mileage applies if the vehicle travels within adjacent regions/states
# Specific exceptions may apply. Please contact our central reservations office.

The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) limits Renter's liability for the total cost of damage to a particular amount, unless the damage was caused by the Renter under the influence of drugs, alcohol or as a result of any prohibited use of the vehicle, careless driving, (e.g. off-road driving or sub-lease of the vehicle to third parties). CDW covers the liability for damage caused to the vehicle, including to any spare parts and accessories. In most destinations, the wipers, tyres, the bottom of the car, the replacement of the keys, the keys and any towage fees are not covered by the insurance policy. Other exceptions may apply or different terms may apply in relation to different car rental companies; therefore, you are advised to check with the local supplier for any exceptions, at the time you take delivery of the vehicle.

Theft Waiver
Theft Waiver limits Renter's liability in case of theft or damage caused by attempted theft. Where the theft was the result of negligence, the local supplier may demand recovery of the total value of the vehicle. The Company shall not be held liable for any of Renter's personal belongings which were stolen together with the vehicle.

Please check regularly the insurance information supplied by our local supplier. Civil liability coverage often excludes relatives or immediate family members or any persons residing at the same address as you, being aboard the vehicle with you. Additional insurance may be purchased directly from our local supplier or may be included in your travel insurance. For your own benefit, you are advised to gain thorough knowledge of the scope of insurance offered as part of each rental or require additional coverage for any persons who will be using the vehicle with you, where this is essential.

What is excluded from the price?
Cost of gas (save for the original gas deposit in Selected Rental Packages in North America and South Africa), Personal Accident Insurance, special requests, limitation of liability, charges for off-schedule deliveries/returns, use of a garage or parking lot, traffic tickets, heavy circulation charges and new driver surcharges, where applicable. All additional charges are paid locally. In particular areas optional insurance coverage may be offered to limit or eliminate Renter's liability. Additional insurance coverage may be required if Renter intends to drive the vehicle outside the country where it was rented. Any additional charges payable locally may be subject to taxation.

Non-guarantee products
When you are delivered the vehicle, you will be requested to deposit a guarantee fee, in case the vehicle sustains damage while in your possession. Provided that you have purchased a non-guarantee product, you will be discharged of the liability for (and refunded with) any charges withheld from your advance, as per the terms set out herein.

Full Waiver (FWD) are non-guarantee products optionally purchased by the customers when they make a reservation. They offer coverage for damages to the exterior or the mechanical parts of the rented vehicle, including the coachwork, the roof, the suspension system, the mirrors, the wheels, the tyres, the hubcaps, the motor, the clutch, the battery and the keys.
Full Waiver covers also the following:

  • Immobilisation fees (loss of profit while the vehicle undergoes repair and may not be rented);
  • Road assistance fees in case of failure or accident;
  • Charges arising if the driver is locked outside the vehicle or loses the keys;
  • Fees charged by the car rental company in case a claim is lodged as part of the theft waiver;
  • Management fees charged by the car rental company in relation to any of the above.

Full Waiver does not include the following: 

  • Cleaning charges, damage to the interior of the vehicle (unless caused by collision);
  • Damage to/loss of child safety seats, GPS devices or other "extras";
  • Repairs not authorised by the car rental company;
  • Costs arising as a result of situations that contravene the car rental agreement (dangerous or careless driving, poor refuelling, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol).

All cost payments are charged on the card used by the Renter to purchase the FWD product (not essentially the same card which was charged by the car rental company).

Car Delivery
The car rental supplier reserves the right to refuse to deliver a vehicle to any person who is unsuitable for driving or does not meet the essential requirements in supplier's free judgement. "Motion Rentals Group" shall not be responsible for any termination of your travel or for any charges which may arise in that situation.

It is part of our corporate culture to act in good faith and respect the trade usages and we seek your assistance to get better in that field. If you (Renter) are dissatisfied with your rental for any reason or cause, please address the car rental company as soon as possible. If your problem is not eventually resolved or if you are dissatisfied upon completion of your rental, please complete the complaint form which is accessible through our website. We will investigate the matter taking your complaints seriously into account, and we will try to resolve the issue and improve our services for your next reservation. Any serious matters in our company's judgement shall be answered by means of a personal email.

Mechanical Failures/Accidents
In case of failure or mechanical problems, you must call your car rental company immediately. The car rental company must authorise the repair or replacement of the vehicle. If you (Renter) become involved in an accident, you must contact the local police authorities and your car rental company. You are advised to keep copies of all documentation or forms you may be requested to complete. This could turn out useful in case you wish to lodge a claim.

The car rental agreement, including any relevant damages, are subject to the terms and conditions of the car rental company you are contracted with and the laws of the country in which the rental transaction was concluded. "Motion Rentals Group" may not be held liable for any loss, damage, delay or changes to arise as a result of civil war, labour disputes (strikes), including any air traffic delays, terrorist acts, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, inevitable technical problems in transports, port/air port closure or congestion, flight cancellations or insolvency of any airlines, and generally for any irregular development of the car rental agreement as a result of force majeure or an unforeseeable change of circumstances.

Terms of Contract with Motion-Rentals-Group.com
You (Renter) have chosen to make a reservation and it is therefore important to understand how or when a car rental agreement is concluded with our company. The following terms and conditions need to be met for a car rental agreement to be entered: When you are given a quote by phone or through our website, you (Renter) are liable to make a car rental agreement proposal. Such agreement is concluded and generates effect as soon as you receive our answer at your email. As soon as you receive our email message, an agreement is entered between us. We will normally answer within a reasonable period of time, in any case within 24 hours from receipt of your proposal. To wit, your reservation is only confirmed when you receive our confirmation email message (voucher). Under no other circumstances may you consider your reservation confirmed. All reservation requests are processed and answered within 24 hours (in case of non-business days, within 7 days). This way an agreement is concluded between us. The details of such agreement are material and provide full evidence of its conclusion.

Motion Rentals Group reserves a right to repudiate the agreement and cancel your reservation no later than 48 hours before you are delivered the vehicle. In that situation, you will receive a relevant notice at your email inbox and we will try to contact you also by phone. If you have prepaid your reservation, you will be refunded on the day of the cancellation. A cancellation may occur in case of insolvency of the car rental company or in case the requested vehicle is unavailable due to engine failure. In any case, we will make our best endeavours to refer you to an alternative supplier or provide you with a substitute vehicle, always in an understanding with you.

Website - Terms of Use
Any use of a programme, device or software for the purpose of gaining direct or indirect access to, or any attempt to access this Website with a view to recovering its content or any other information, including any prices, is strictly prohibited. Any electronic or other intervention to this website's regular operation, including any activities which may be considered as unreasonable or as hindering the website's operation or rendering its use difficult or impossible to our customers or to the public, is also prohibited and must be instantly terminated. All access to our website is strictly monitored, including the activities of any automatic systems or any persons carrying out an extraordinary amount of searches for the purpose of recovering information and/or price data. Any such activities/ persons shall be blocked out of our website. Use of our website implies your unreserved acceptance of these Terms of Use. We also reserve a right to enforce our rights before the civil or penal courts and to demand termination of any infringing activities and restoration of any damage sustained as a result of such activities.

Cookies and other content monitoring technologies
We may use cookies or other technologies to monitor the use of the services offered through our website, in conjunction with our email messages. For more information on this matter, please consult our data protection policy.

Data Protection
Your personal data are particularly important to us. We appreciate your trust and are committed to protecting all your personal information. This section is updated from time to time and describes how your personal information is being used or processed, and also proves our constant compliance with all EU laws and regulations relating to data protection. This section also provides information on how you can contact us in case you have any questions about your personal information.
Motion Rentals Group offers online car rental services through websites and mobile phone applications, but also through various other platforms, e.g. through the websites of our business partners. The information set out below applies to all the above.

Personal Information
What kind of personal information is being used by Motion Rentals Group?
When you enter into an agreement with us, i.e. when you make a reservation for a vehicle or send us a car rental agreement proposal, you will be requested to provide specific information to allow us to process your request, e.g. the driver's name, age, contact details (telephone number, address, email address), date of birth, passport details and payment details.
Whenever you access our website, even without making a reservation, we collect specific information, e.g. your IP address, your browser and information about your computer's operating system, its version, its language settings and any other websites you may have accessed. If you are using a mobile device, we may also collect device identification information, e.g. device settings and features and longitude /latitude data. We may also extract or process information relating to the type of applications installed on your mobile device, such as the name and description of the applications, and their categories. Although none of the above information can help us identify the user, these data are considered as "personal information".
We may also collect information about you if you use any social media.

Why is personal information collected and used by Motion Rentals Group?

  • Reservations: First of all, we use your personal information to complete and process your reservation and promote your information to our service provider.
  • Customer support: We offer international customer support services on a 24/7 basis from our offices, in 40 different languages. By sharing your information with our customer support staff we help them satisfy your needs, including the need to identify the car rental that best suits your personal preferences, while helping them answer your queries or satisfy your wishes more efficiently.
  • Customer observations: We may use your contact details to ask you to complete a questionnaire relating to your car rental experience with us. Your answers will help us get a better understanding of our products and partners and of the overall operation of our services.
  • Promotional actions: We may also use your personal information described above to meet our operational needs, always within the applicable statutory limitations, e.g.:
    • You may subscribe to our Exclusive Offers to receive e-mails on our promotional actions or any new services offered. You can unsubscribe from this service any time.
    • Based on the information you share with us, personalised offers may appear on our website or applications, as well as on third-party websites or social networks.
    • Whenever we consider a particular offer may be of interest to you, we may contact you, among others by phone.
  • Other communications: We may occasionally contact you by email, post, phone or text message, depending on the contact information you have supplied. This could happen for a number of reasons:
    • We may need to answer or process any requests received from you.
    • When you make use of our services you may be requested to complete a questionnaire or describe your experience with Motion Rentals Group.
    • You may be supplied with additional material in relation to your reservation, e.g. our contact details and those of our local supplier, in case you need any assistance, or information about any past reservations with us
  • Anti-fraud activities: We may use your personal information to identify and prevent any fraudulent activities or other illegal or illicit actions.
  • Improvement : Lastly, we may use your personal information for research and analysis purposes, to improve our services and system operation.

How may Motion Rentals Group share my data with third parties?
In particular situations, we may share your personal information with third parties.

  • Your car rental reservation: To finalise your reservation we may need to disclose your information to our local supplier. Such information could include the driver's name, age, contact details (telephone number, address, email address), date of birth, passport information or driver's license information, or any preferences you may have expressed.
  • Third-party service providers: We may use third-party service providers to process your information for the reasons set out above. For instance, we may use third-party service providers to deliver information or contact you on our account. We may also collaborate with third parties to complete any payment/guarantee procedures, where this is necessary based on the type of your reservation. We also work with third parties and external associates in promotional networks to promote our services to other platforms, or engage third-party suppliers for research purposes. Any third-parties engaged as above are bound by confidentiality agreements and are not permitted to make use of your personal information for any reason or cause.
  • Competent authorities: We may disclose your personal information to any government or investigation authorities, where this is required by law (or by any statutory regulation). Such requirements may include any court orders, summons or instructions relating to legal procedures or criminal investigations. We may also disclose your personal information where this is essentially required to prevent, identify or prosecute any criminal actions or if so requested by any judicial or law enforcement authorities.

What security procedures are applied by Motion Rentals Group to protect my personal information?
Acting in full compliance with all European and national data protection laws, we meet all statutory requirements to prevent any unauthorised access to, or abuse of, your personal information.|
We use proper operating systems and procedures to protect and safeguard the personal information you share with us. We also apply proper security procedures and technical or natural limitations on access and use of personal data on our servers. Access to your personal information is only permitted to our authorised staff during their work schedule.

Promotional email messages
How can I manage promotional emails?
Once you have completed your car rental proposal or transaction, you are given an option to be excluded from our promotional / discount emails. If you opt to remain subscribed, we hope you will enjoy those emails, but if you wish to not gain knowledge of our special offers, you can be excluded or unsubscribe from our promotional communications any time.